Logo My Mom went to the Seasonal restaurant for dinner and raved.  Needing a place to eat in that neighborhood, as friends came from the UWS, we figured this was mid-point from my neck of the woods.  Seasonal has opened to great reviews and I completely understand why.

Not sure I get the location as I get a little bit foggy above 23rd street.  A clean chic restaurant serving modern Austrian fare.  With a modern environment comes modern food.  A nice long sleek bar to the right when you walk in with about 10 seats.  Light colored wood, small booths, lots of low light, creates an austere yet warm vibe.

The wine list by the glass ( small carafe ) is really great.  Many Austrian wines which you rarely see on a menu in such depth.  There is a tasting menu as well and many appetizers and main courses to choose from. 

Although I did not eat a lot, what I did eat was delicious, well thought out and brilliantly prepared.  I started out with the Ziegenkase Salat.  Pumpkin seed crusted goat cheese sitting at the bottom of a white porcelain bowl with a wide brim.  Over that was a mixture of fresh greens and tiny sliced salted baked yellow and red baby beets with a shallot elderflower dressing.  A wonderful refreshing combination of flavors. 

For a second course, I went with another appeitzer.  Too late too consume a lot of food.  I had the Schweinebauch.  A heavily scored pork belly confit with a crispy flavorful skin on top of a confit with braised spring onions sitting in a riesling caraway jus that was foamy (the nouvelle cooking coming out).  It was excellent.

The bread at the table was also hard to resist with a pumpkin seed butter.  The mise bouche was a thin sliced piece of salmon wrapped with some chopped tomatoes.  All good.  There was even a small dessert plate that came out for a taste.  One walnut pastry, and a light lemon filled cake.  Each the size of a thumb nail.  Delicious.

If it definitely a restaurant I will return to and try other things.  Good to know about in a neighborhood where I am generally at a loss if I need to find a good restaurant.  Also, the chef came over and asked us how everything was.  He was later hanging by the bar when we left and made sure to wish us good bye.  Near enough to City Center to make the short walk.  I will be back.