Second Chances

Fruit_trio_jams_onesixty After 9/11, there were a handful of people I knew that decided to make life changes.  As many of us in NYC, started thinking more on the lines of carpe diem, there were people who literally said, this job is not what I want to do with my life and I am going down a different path. 

Today, the same thing is happening but for different reasons.  Economic changes, downsizing of companies, salaries that have diminished in value, etc., have made a few people I know to sit back, take a look and make a change.  I realize that unemployment is quite high right now but many of the people who are unemployed, unfortunately, aren't qualified for the jobs that are available.  But that is another post.

All of the people who I have had the opportunity to talk to about their desire to or are just forced to change the career path that they are on, look at it as exciting with endless possibilities.  Many of them, my guess, will start something on their own or go work with something a little more grass roots.  I have to believe that these changes will be not only good for them but good for the economy too.

Foodzie has been sending me a monthly package of new products to try and review.  One of the products was a jam from Sunchowder's Emporia.  I really liked the jam, the packaging and the size.  So I purchased some more of the product.  After having an email dialogue with the owner, I love the product even more. 

The owner of Sunchowder lost her job.  She decided it was time to reinvent herself.  She was drawn to making jams.  She started making jams by learning how to do it on You Tube.  That right there is a great story.  Bought herself some copper pots, made relationships with local fruit farms, found commercial space to do it, extended herself on credit cards and now she is in the food business.  Selling not only to Foodize but Whole Foods and Home Goods.  From our short exchange of emails, she seems incredibly happy with tons of ideas on where she wants to grow the business.  She has become an entrepreneur.

I love that.  A real entrepreneur that might not have found herself in the position of creating new economies if the old economy hadn't cut off her employment.  My guess is that in the next year, we will hear more and more of these type of stories which is a win win for everyone except of course the company that had to lose her.  BTW, I have now tasted 7 different jams from Sunchowder and each one is absolutely delicious.