Day one of a quick jaunt through Europe

IMG00054-20090720-0243  The European time change is always a tough one.  Plane takes off in the late afternoon or early evening and once you fall asleep, it is time to wake up and function all day.  Not easy.

We got to Paris yesterday at 6am, rooms weren't ready and although Emily and Jessica were already here, waking them was not an option.  So, we walked and did breakfast.

I always love breakfast at Les Deux Magots where the pastries, croissants and baguettes are delicious.  The coffee is too but the hot chocolate is one of the best in town.  Les Deux Magots is also the classic cafe that opens up to the street, all day through the night.

 After a leisurely breakfast we made our way over to Bon Marche since the food market (La Grand Epicerie de Paris) is open early.  All our kids got into Regale when we stayed here for an extended time last summer. Regale is a better version of Starbursts.  Josh walked directly to the right aisle and picked up 8 bags.  Pretty hilarious actually.

We sauntered around and went back to the hotel for everyone to wake up.  We have stayed at a variety of hotels but I continue to come back to Hotel Montalembert.  I love the location, on the left bank but right near the Seine, although the rooms are small, I do like the vibe there.  It is nice being back for many reasons but one of the best things is the comfort level of walking around, knowing where I am and seeing familiar sights.

We split up and I spent the day with Jessica doing some decent damage on new purchases.  Had lunch at the Hotel Costes on St Honore with her friend.  Each of the Costes restaurants, scattered through out the city, have the same menu at each location and it works.  This particular restaurant has a wonderful outdoor garden. Also, each restaurant, although similar in menu, have a very hipster high end vibe. 

Afterward I went back to the hotel and crashed.  Great to be back.