Dinner at the Lyndmar, Stockholm

 As a rule, I really don't like eating at the hotel or in hotels but in certain countries, the hotel is the key.  I attempted to make reservations in more than a handful of restaurants but it appears to be the time that the chef's take off for their vacations too so many places are closed.  After sending the concierge a variety of choices, I opted for the restaurant in the hotel.  Someone had actually recommended it too. 

There are 2 places to eat at the Lyndmar.  One is outside, which is mostly for lunch.  It sits right on the water, great views, lots of sun, a pretty choice location.  Inside, is the main area, where we ate which starting serving breakfast and goes through late night.  The room is quite cool.  A large room that has an air of a personal library.  Shelves with books, bottles of wines, cameras and photos.  There are seating areas, tables stacked with art books and then round tables for a bigger group, banquettes under the bookshelves with chairs and then a few high tables with tall stools.  Completely eclectic with lots of light, big windows and interesting chandeliers too.  Just like the rest of the hotel, there is a very eclectic feel from modern to old that really hits the nail on the head to what is happening now.  Sort of a timeless look but right on the mark for the vibe that we are seeing in some of the newer restaurants cropping up in Williamsburg or even the West Village. 

The menu is simple.  A few salads, a few appetizers where you can choose to make a plate of 3 or 5, tartines and soups.  The main courses are all from the grill served with a salad.  You kind of get the opportunity to create your own plate.  Steak, Veal chop, Fish as the main entree and then underneath that are sauces & butters and it says choose one.  Salsa gazpacho, BBQ Sauce, truffle butter are a few of the options.  Then under that are condiments and it says next to that and one of these.  Those options are new potatoes, french fries, sweet potato, new vegetables, risotto, etc.  I like the concept and the food is good.  Simple and easy.

After dinner, the kids blew out to see a movie and Fred and I just called it a day.  Sleep was calling.