Last day in Ljubljana

First thing this morning we walked down to the 3 bridges to meet our local tour guides (Zemanta crew).
The 3 bridges in the middle of the town where all 3 small bridges connect.  This area and down the water ways which connect to this do not allow cars which is great.

After hearing the military band play in the square we wandered over to the food markets.  Except for the fishmongers, underground, most of the market takes place in a fairly large open square.  Very organized as the stalls are broken out by region.  Besides the fruits and veggies there are baskets and other local wares for sale.

This particular picture was the fruit area.  The bees were everywhere.  Not sure who would want to even attempt to take a bite of this beautiful tray of tasty watermelon.

The market sits right underneath the tram up to the castle.  We went up there, walked the steps up to the tower to take in the views.  Very modern tram.  You can actually see the alps in the background from up there. 

Tower top
Once we made our way down, we wandered through the old town which reminds me of the meandering alleyways through Rome.  I particularly like the red carpet.

At this point, food was essential so we stopped at an open cafe, as there are many, and a nice leisurely lunch.

Fred, Josh and I then went back to our hotel to get our car and drove down to Portorozo on the coast.