My Life in France, Julia Child

Images  I finally got around to reading My Life in France by Julia Child.  Initial reviews kept me from reading the book and buying it in hard back.  With the upcoming release of Julia and Julia and reading countless interviews with Nora Ephron about Julia Child, I finally picked up the book.

If you love the art of food and certainly the history, then it is probably worth the read.  After all, Julia Child, imho, was and still is the creme de la creme of cooking.  From Mastering the Art of French Cooking to her TV show (the first cooking show) to the timing of everything because when she started Americans were starting to become more interested in food.  After WWII, more  Americans started to travel abroad and brought back fond memories of the food they ate there.

The book is basically a play by play of her life.  Quickly summing up her childhood and really getting into the nitty gritty after marrying her beloved husband, Paul.  Julia and Paul seemed to have a wonderful partnership.

A few things I just loved about the book is that the book, written by Paul's brothers son (grand-nephew), sounds just like Julia Child talking ( as I assume she would talk).  She is charming and just adores food.  She tirelessly researches everything and gets down to making mayonnaise hundreds of times to create a no-fail recipe regardless of climate or conditions and of course keep notes upon notes.  What is so absolutely endearing and utterly charming is Julia's zest for life.  She seizes each day as an adventure and seems to see the upside in everything.

 In many ways, after reading her book makes me think that no matter your age, there are always opportunities to do something new.  She was in her mid-40's when she published the first book.  Also, do things for your own satisfaction and don't worry about what anyone else thinks.  I want to rush home and whip up a million different things and start to take better notes.  I also plan on reading all 3 of Julia's cookbooks back to back and find out where I can get my hands on all her television shows to watch (anybody know?).

 As I am writing this post, and thinking about the book which in some regards was tedious, I am pretty sure it will stick with me for a very very long time.  She was truly an incredible human being.