Coffee Before Starbucks, before the latest coffee shop on every corner, we took our coffee very seriously growing up.  I'd wake up to the aroma of fresh ground beans.  My Mom had the Melitta drip which I used for years before moving to the French press and now I have moved into the high end coffee machine.  Our beans were always ground at home right before using.  None of the already ground for us.  Our flavor was generally a half/half mixture of french roast and mocha java.  I actually prefer the straight French roast. 

My sister-in-law sent Josh back with a bag of coffee beans which she calls the "pineapple express" of coffee.  She is so right.  These beans, from Intelligentsia,  are strong yet subtle and really smooth.  One bag will not do it.  I might find myself on a search for the beans in NYC or just have them delivered to my door from Los Angeles every week.