Do you carry your baggage for life?

As we get older, I might be more aware of why I do certain things or decisions that I make but sometimes I wonder, do you carry your baggage for life? 

Everyone is different.  Even among your siblings, although everyone is raised under the same roof, each experience is different due to pecking order, DNA, personality, gender, etc.  I see it now with my kids, completely different people, perhaps have similar experiences as a unit but walking away with different stories.  That's life.

My parents got divorced when I was a teenager.  Not pretty.  It isn't a place I really enjoy going back to but there is no doubt that the repercussion of those events have reverberated throughout my life.  I am certainly now more aware of why I feel a certain way about something or why I make or have made certain decisions in my life but sometimes feelings crop up when I least expect them.  Maybe because I am in a (thank god) happy marriage or because I am now a parent of 3 completely different kids but as I see people around me repeating mistakes that my parents made, it hits closer to home than I thought it would. 

In many ways I feel as I am entering a new phase of my life as my kids are completely self sufficient and my first is going off to college, as I am trying to navigate that world.  Aren't we always trying to navigate the world? I see other people around me, my age, going down roads with a point of no return with their marriages, or their kids, or even their zest for life and knowledge and it makes me uncomfortable. 

I do not want to pass judgment on anyone but I have come to realize that no matter how much you understand yourself or try to, you do carry your baggage for life.  I just hope that along the way that the load gets lighter.

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