Julie and Julia

Images Not only did I read both books that the movie was based on, I have read probably 10 or more articles about the movie.  Serious PR from Nora Ephron

Let's begin with the books.  I read Julia and Julia a few years ago.  I went back and read my blog post.  What I wrote is that I loved the book as a blogger.  Powell jumped on the early band wagon of blogging and as a writer it was totally the right move.  Back then, which wasn't so long ago, you couldn't really track your readership.  She was far from a foodie but turned into one over the course of a year. 

The other book, Julia, My Life in France, was the story of Julia Child's life and how Mastering the Art of French Cooking came to be.  Julia Child is an icon, period, end of story.  We know her through her TV series, her cookbooks and everything that has written about her and of course the impact she has made on the American kitchen.  A total dynamo. 

The movie is true to each book and did a really good job of editing the story into a movie adaptation.  Meryl Streep is absolutely fantastic.  Every time she leaves the screen, all you want is for her to return.  Ends up Julia didn't really like Julie at least that is what you read.  The story line is that Julia Child still lives on.  Her impact is still being made to hopeful chefs all over, such as Julie Powell

I really did enjoy the movie but I wish it was Julia, all Julia, all the time. 

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