Lots of mouths to feed

This weekend, we have a seriously full house.  An extra 5 kids and my Mom.  All 8 kids went water skiing and tubing for a few hours while my Mom and I made dins.  We went pretty basic.  Chickens, big tossed salad with veggies, corn, sliced mozzarella and the grilled banana/chocolate combo for dessert.

Take a whole banana with the skin intact, split it down the
middle, stuff with chocolate of choice and wrap in tin foil.  Put it on
the grill just before serving for about 5 minutes.  The skin gets black
and chocolate melts.  Open up the tin foil over a bowl of ice cream and
scoop the banana and chocolate right in.  You really can't beat it.

 I decided the easiest way to make 3 chickens was to cover them with Old Bay Seasoning, get 3 large Coors beers  (24 ounce variety in a can ) and cook them on the grill. 

Season the chickens, truss them put ( makes life easier ).  Turn on the grill.  Open up each beer, shove the can up the carcass of the chicken, shut the grill and let it go.  When you remove the chickens, use a pair of mitt as you don't want to screw up your beautiful crispy skin.  Takes about 45 minutes to an hour.