The Sartorialist

411smzUpZJL._SL500_AA240_ The fashion blog world has exploded over the past couple of years.  Some days, I read a handful and sometimes I go for a couple of weeks before plunging in.  Yet, I do try and read the Sartorialist daily.  Scott Schuman is the Sartorialist and I actually believe he has been a catalyst for the fashion blog world today. 

He has an incredible eye for style.  He takes street photos of people in mostly Florence, Milan, Stockholm, Paris and New York City.  Those cities appear to be his mainstays.  He has taken his eye and his camera and used the medium of the Internet to show his readers a daily snapshot of the beat on the street.  Genius.  His influence has transcended across other blogs and fashion magazines.  His approach of something new every day is fresh and simple yet innovative.  As more and more of us are becoming the journalists of today in 140 characters ( Twitter ) as we post the latest restaurant, what entree is the best, who we saw on the street, a news item or a commentary as model comes down the runway, The Sartorialist is right in tune ( actually before his time as the blog has been around for awhile ) as the people on the street are the makers of the style of the moment. 

Certainly taking his blog cross platform would be a huge score and it just happened.  He has come out with a book, a limited edition, which is a compilation of the photos from his blog and commentary from Schuman on why he was drawn to that particular photo.  I got the book and have enjoyed leafing through it. 

20 years from now, when I pull that book off the shelf, the photos will probably be more revealing about these times than an old September Vogue. That alone is a statement of the times we live in and where we are going. 

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