Zeitoun by Dave Eggers


Wow.  Zeitoun by Dave Eggers, what a book.  The terrible unthinkable unfolding of a family in New Orleans.  A family who was a fabric of their community.

 A Syrian who married a converted Muslim from New Orleans, had a family and a construction business together.   The wife leaves prior to Katrina as her husband stays to watch the house, their properties and their business.  Tragedy unfolds for him as the post 9/11 craze fueled by the Bush Administration's knee jerk reaction to arrest first and ask questions later.

A true page turner that leaves you with not only your mouth wide open but aghast that something like this happened in our own country, America.  For those of us who only watched the horror of Katrina and the aftermath from afar, this is really a must read. What took place is distant memory for us but for those who are still dealing with the repercussions on a daily basis, my heart goes out you.

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