Six years and running

Today is my birthday.  I got this gift from Rick at Rick's Picks because the saying is an ongoing joke between the two of us and I love it.  Incredibly thoughtful.  What is noteworthy about today is not so much that it is my birthday but that I have been blogging now for 6 years.  I can't believe it has been six years. 

I really do enjoy the process of blogging for many reasons.  I love the audience that reads me and comments.  Not only self rewarding but it is interesting to hear different points of views from all over the globe.  Blogging has taught me to be a much better writer.  It has kept me connected to the Internet industry.  It is also cathartic.  I try to do it daily and there is something nice about the constant.  I have met a variety of interesting people too. 

I want to say thank you too everyone out there for supporting me for the past six years.  At this point, I am on a roll.