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It has been a grueling week.  I seriously need some R and R and possibly sun?  I got movie tickets for tonight but honestly, that was too much.  Both Fred and I crawled down the street to have a few glasses of wine, cheese, pickled veggies and some sausages.  It was the perfect meal and so low key.  They actually have landjager on the menu which is a sausage I grew up with.  My father used to take us to the local deli in Los Angeles, the German ones and get us landjager sausages which we gnawed on.  To me, it is still the ultimate sausage.  Served with horseradish and mustard.  I was in heaven.  Great wine bar too…part of Wallse.  Super smart addition to their umbrella.  The bartender serves the wines, by the glass or bottle, and serves up your appetizers behind the bar.  Low cost and lots of pleasure.