When my Mom went back to work and opened a store in Georgetown, she hired someone to live-in and keep the house going.  I remember her fondly but what really sticks in my mind were the fantastic empanadas she would make. 

Empanadas are the dumpling of Argentina.  Like in NYC, deciding who has the best pizza or the best burger, the same can be said for Buenos Aires when it comes to empanadas.  We tried our first empanadas this afternoon. 

We are here on Xmas eve so the next 2 days are pretty chill which we all need but that is the one drag about going overseas during the Xmas holidays.  Everything pretty much shuts down for a day or so.

El Sanjuanino is located in the Recoleta neighborhood of BA at 1515 Posadas
The restaurant is basically a dive, we are not talking high end cafe here but the empanadas are pretty sweet.

Light, not oily, tasty crust.  We tried four different kinds.  Ham and cheese which is not that interesting.  Cubed ham and cheese melted.  Corn which is basically the same concept although the corn is a substitute for the ham with white onions.  The 2 best, hands down were the chicken and beef.  Pulled chicken mixed with vegetables and just a shot of spice.  The beef was also pulled and really spicy mixed with green olives, chopped egg and onions. 

The perfect snack before the big afternoon nap.

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