Watching Health Care make its way through the system

Images I have always been a political junky.  Started at a very young age as we spoke
about world politics around the kitchen table growing up.  The downside of that is that my
brother, when he was 7, basically decided what was the point of going to
school  since WWIII was going to
break out any day.  Needless to say, my Mom put a stop to the intensity of the

 As I grew older, I got involved on a whole other level.  I was able to meet many of the politicans and
soon began to raise money for the ones that I believed in.  I never used any of them for political
favors, except once to help get the women who works for us and is truly part of
our family, get her daughter out of Brazil.  That was worth all the political capital I had.  I have always been more interested in having conversations
about each of their views on the issues facing our country.  Call me crazy
but I felt that I was making the world a better place by helping smart
politicians get into office.

Fast forward to the present.  We are living in a very transparent world.  We can read on Twitter, watch on
HuffPo, see on UTube, the realities of how bills are passed in both the Senate
and the House.  It isn’t like I didn't know how it worked but I am now watching in live time with absolute disdain the disgusting realities of how the health care bill attempts to get passed.  It has put
such a bad taste in my mouth that I have lost all faith in the process.

 From a birds eye view, it appears that getting anything
passed is just about placating favors. 
Making sure the large corporations, the biggest banks, the lobbyists and
the promises made get into the bill. 
It isn’t about what is right for this country.  It is just about making sure that your ass is covered for
the big guns that gave you money. 
I figure we are all getting screwed in the process.  I have absolute no trust that the bill
is good for the people but am sure it is good for the people who cobbled it
together.  It feels full of decisions
based on what back room deals are being done with lobbyists but not we get to see it up front, close and personal.  It is all and all just disgusting.

Call me naïve but it seems that as more and more Americans
watch the reality show of what happens in DC that as a group we are losing a sense of
faith in the Government that supposedly holds us together.  I feel as if we are lost at sea with a bunch of pirates
guiding the ship. 

I am a fan of Obama and he has certainly walked into a shit show that was left after 8 years but what happened to the buck stops here? 

Funny enough, Chuck Schumer called me yesterday.  Unfortunately I wasn’t home so he left
the message with Josh but guaranteed he called to ask for cash.  I called him back but we haven’t
connected.  I can hardly wait to
give him an earful…and of course, not a god damn dime. 

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