I watched the restaurant on 12th and Greenwich close and Recette move in.  I walk the dog past that corner every morning so I got to check daily.  Last night, we stopped over for a late night dinner.  Ok, not that late but 930. 

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Keep in mind that the restaurant has only been open for a few days but here are some observations.  The place is frenetic.  So many people in the kitchen and waiters running around like their heads were cut off.  I figure that will eventually work itself out.  There are a few things that need changing.  The noise level is deafening.  There is also no rhyme or reason on how they set up the tables.  It is as if they were just thrown in and pushed around.  Between the tables, the noise and the confusion, the place is vibe-less.  Is that a word?  We both felt as if Recette is a pop-up restaurant tossed into an open space for a few weeks to taste the chefs wares. 

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Some mornings I walk by and the place is set for the evenings.  Other mornings, the place is just cluttered with tables.  If they want new patrons to be drawn in from a walk by during the morning, they should have the place set up for the evening from the evening before.  Again, vibe-less.

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I will say, the food is really good.  A tad heavy handed but inventive and delicious.  Certainly the nuances of each dish will get better over time although not sure I am running back even though it is literally around the corner.  There is no warmth or feeling of community of patrons.  Weird.

We tried a few things.  Thinly sliced hamachi with a dollop of uni on top, sliced jalapeno and a squirt of blood orange and a leaf of miso.  The flavors all burst in your mouth at once but an interesting combo.  Everything comes at plates, not to big not too small and for sharing if you want.  Roasted ocean trout served over a mixture of cabbage and little bits of bacon and sauteed mushrooms.  Quite good and flavorful.  We also had the pork belly.  A long crispy piece of braised pork belly with 2 deep fried shrimp on top, turnips and a sherry caramel sauce.  We also had a small pot of brussel sprouts that weren't interesting.

Many wines by the glass which is nice too.  The food, really good.  The vibe, none.