My father has a blog

Fred egged him on and now my father has a blog.  Truth is my father has always had a lot to say.  I could say a lot of things about my Dad but the one thing that I find incredibly impressive is that he is probably one of the most tech saavy 70 years old that I know.  Not that I know that many 70 year olds but my Dad is all over the latest and greatest in technology.  Gotta love it. 

This is his first post.  Gives you a little insight into the man himself….starting with the name of the blog.

February 7, 2010

Introduction of Louis P. Solomon

name is Louis P. Solomon. I am beginning this blog at the suggestion of
my family. They are all inveterate bloggers with large followings. They
know that I have written on many different subjects for many years and
have strongly encouraged me to express myself in a way that essentially
did not exist 10 years ago. I accept their challenge. Social networking
is a new method of establishing networks for professional and social
contacts and, while retired from previous career, I still am deeply
involved in a large variety of different areas of interest to me.

My writings have focused for many years in several different areas.
I wrote technical reports and technical articles which appeared in
refereed technical journals. At the instigation of my Mother I began to
write books. It was an amazing request, essentially a
bolt-from-the-blue. With her usual tenacity she forced me to write my
first novel (The Third Legacy). More books followed. These books
are non-fiction and fiction. I was approached by the publisher of an
Ezine who requested that I write a monthly column on different topics.
I accepted her offer and have been writing columns for the past 5
years. These columns (called Viewpoints) are on (

While I write and enjoy it, I also run several different businesses. I am the founder of a very unusual consulting company (
which focuses on solving unusual, non-standard problems using
out-of-the-box approaches. My colleagues and I believe that there is no
problem in the management, technical, economic, and administrative
arenas which we cannot solve.

In addition to consulting, I also have founded a publishing company (, give speeches to interested groups ( build web sites for special purposes (,
and operate ham radio (N3EXW): a hobby that I have engaged in since
1957. I use digital modes exclusively (operate mainly on 20 meters)
using PSK31. This is an amazing technology which allows me to connect
to people over most of the world, digitally, using roughly 30 watts of
power. Think about that!

I will be posting comments on this blog frequently. I look forward
to discussions on subjects which are of interest to me as well as
responding to those of you who will make comments. Let me hear from you
as the mood strikes you.