The Kids Are Alright: A Memoir

Images The Kids Are Alright is an incredible memoir.  Four children who lose their parents within 2 1/2 years of each other.  I couldn't put it down.  I sobbed through half the book.

The story takes place in Bedford, NY near Mt. Kisco.  Four kids, spanning from 16 to 4, lose their larger than life father in a car accident post a family vacation.  They are left with their mother, an occasional soap opera actress to keep the family together.  She is besides herself.  It ends up her husband had them also living a bit on the edge after getting into some bad investments.  After his death, the mother finds out she has cancer which takes a life of its own and after 2 1/2 years she too dies.

Each chapter is written from the view of each of the children, now adults.  What they recall, what happened to them and how they coped.  Only one of them was 18 when the mother died and the rest of them had to move in with someone else in order to be taken care of.  The youngest was 8.  Her experience is heart-breaking.  Through the haze of weed, alcohol and other drugs, they all manage to survive and keep together as a family.

It is a story of survival.  It is also a story of teenagers growing up, trying to find themselves with no parent leading the way.  I am sure scars still remain.  Yet, they wrote the book together and appear to have all discovered themselves along the way.  Powerful book.  I loved it.