There are moments that happen time and time again which truly amaze me. 

I am at an event and I am introduced to someone.  The first thing out of his mouth is, "so what do you do"? 
For some reason, last night, I looked at him and said "I'm a super hero".  Definitely a bit of a wise ass answer on my part but I couldn't help myself. 

He is a bit taken back and then proceeds to go into a dialogue about how fantastic my husband is.  That he follows him on twitter, reads AVC every day and it appears to him that Fred has a good family life.  Looking for confirmation I concur with "yes, I'd said so".  Then he says to me, "so you even go to the industry events with him"? 

On one hand, I wonder if the guy actually reads AVC because if he did, he'd know that I could be categorized as a blogger.  He doesn't even have to read this site because it says so right on Fred's home page.   On the other hand, I take a moment to step back and ask myself, "why does this piss me off so much"? 

The guy continues to talk about the industry basically explaining it to me, advertising vs social media.  Not that I needed the explanation but whatever.  After somebody enters our conversation who knows me, he comes back around and asks me what do I really do. 

I won't go into the rest of the conversation but it is one of the most frustrating things in the world.  Perhaps it is my own identity crisis but I do not keep my husband's fan mail going….and clearly I am a fan myself and appreciate the kind words but my work life does not completely identify what I do. 

I do a lot.  Grrrrrr.  Hence, the superhero.