men are from mars, women are from venus

Images My life is constantly a variety of moving parts.  Trying to get to my bedroom to take a shower this morning with workers ( punch list )  blocking my access almost through me over the edge.  Moving is tough but having teenage kids is even tougher. 

I pride myself on having an open door for all the kids friends but when they all descend on us at all hours of the night when the other members are the family are sleeping ( including the dog), is tough.  Coming back from freshman year at college when there are basically no rules is absolutely a tough transition for everyone.  It doesn't matter how minimal the rules are, there are rules.  Bummer.   This week, Jessica returning to the fold, although beyond thrilled to have her home, is one of my major moving parts. 

Between that and being the resident hand-holder, I am exhausted.  Thinking I need some serious rest and relaxation.  I am so mentally exhausted that I sat in a board meeting this week and barely said 50 words.  Maybe not a bad thing for all the other members but not my usual vocal self. 

In a household there is one person who is the brawn.  They open the jars, lift the heavy boxes, deals with the technology ( in our case )etc.  Then there is one person who is the guidance and ear for all the emotional nonsense.  I might have opened lots of boxes when we moved but I am not the brawn.  I am the emotional guidance.  Unfortunately for me, all my patients are in need of a sound ear instead of a box opener.  I am overbooked.

I never read the book men are from mars, women are from venus, but based on the heavy motherhood lifting I seem to be doing these days….I might be from venus but I in need of a calgon moment.