we moved!

Images We did it, we moved. 
The punch list is huge but we are sleeping, eating and functioning in
our new place.  It feels really
good. I am hoping that the one week of insanity has passed and
life will return to normal tomorrow. 

 It has been a very frustrating process to get to this
point.  Of all the projects we have
done over the years, including businesses, this has probably been the most
disruptive and frustrating.  Many
lessons learned along the way although I am hoping that I can share that
knowledge with others because I do hope never to do this again.  At least in the city, our main
residence.  You only learn from
mistakes and my guess is that some of what I learned will be useful in other
areas of my life vs just renovations, moving and building buildings. 

 Many good things have come out of this project.  We are now in business with the person
we relied on heavily to guide us through this disaster.  Without him, god knows where we would
be.  I honestly shiver at the
thought.  I tossed tons of old
stuff that will go under the category, one mans trash is someone else’s
treasure.  I actually ended
up giving away easily 15 boxes of books. 
There was a point where I just saved the ones that I really loved, including
books of exhibits and art we have seen. 
There might be something about the Kindle that made me think about that

I found some items that had been missing.  I pared down our storage situation with
great stuff that kids can have later, like furniture. 

But the best part, after the kids have ribbed me for the
past year plus over not being in yet, was how happy they are here.  Emily called our new home magical.  Josh gave me the nod too.  The best line of all was from him.  He came down for breakfast
Saturday morning and said, “So, what’s the next project?  Come on Mom, you have to open a bakery.”  He obviously knows me and my
projects.  Bakery is not top of the
list but perhaps….one day in the future. 
That goes under the never say never category.