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Swiss Post is possibly the worst mail system in the world.  Well, probably not, but after dealing with at least 10 people on the phone at Swiss Post over the past week, I am aghast at how they are in their own private Idaho.  No surprises there, they are a totally independent neutral country in the midst of a European bloc and appear to be very happy to stay that way.  After this past dealing with Swiss Post, I am not so sure I want to return to Switzerland in the near future.

Emily left some medications at our hotel in Switzerland.  It is not the first time and hopefully it will be the last but I sincerely doubt it.   DNA is a powerful thing.  Josh is Mr. Organization like me.  Emily tends to lose things and forget things.  It is incredibly frustrating for me since I am organized and it is hard to wrap my arms around.  Also, I deal with the repercussions such as replacing lost items.  Jessica is somewhere in the middle but leans heavily towards Emily.

When she realized she forgot the meds, I called the hotel in Switzerland immediately.  The cost to overnight the goods from Switzerland to London was $1300.  I could have flown round trip to Zurich for less money.  Outrageous.  I asked them to send them Fedex or DHL.  It was a Saturday.  The hotel recommended that since it was Saturday that they send them Swiss Post and they would get there by Tuesday.  That was mistake number two.  Number one was leaving the meds in the hotel.

Over the past day, I have easily talked to 9 people at Swiss Post and probably 8 at the British Post too.  I am actually an expert on how the system works now.  It doesn't.  It appears that the computer system can not really be accessed by anyone on either side.  Perhaps the Internet hasn't cut down on mail but I would think it would.  At one point, the only mail that I expect to receive is a monthly magazine ( although that is questionable ), a package or the once in a while special handwritten note.  If there is less volume, you would think the system would be more efficient. 

Yesterday, someone from Swiss Post informed the hotel in Switzerland that the meds would be there in the afternoon.  Never got them.  On Swiss Post's site, the package says delivered.  I called them this morning to find out where because we did not receive them.  Their answer is, we don't know but it has been delivered.  They don't have a Great Britain number which the package should get once it hits GB and that number should be attached to the Swiss Post number.  They do not have any scan for the address and who signed for it.  They don't even have the address it is going to on the Swiss Post site.  All they know is they are going to start an investigation.  There are no records whatsoever.  None.  No manager who has the special password to get into the system at another level.  No Great Britain number just the Swiss number.  They have nothing and they don't give a shit.  Honestly, it was like talking to an uneducated person today.  No passion, no care, no information, no nothing. 

If Swiss Post defines their country, then staying neutral is their best bet. 

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