a quick trip to montauk

Every Thursday morning through September there is a farmer's market in Montauk.  Small but packs a powerful punch.  My friend and I went to Montauk and I gave her a quick tour of my favorite haunts in Montauk.

Heirloom, golden and red cherry tomatoes and cherry husks from Amber Waves.  

Fresh bread from Eli's.

Pickles from a small company that I had never heard of ( and can't remember their name ) in Long Island.  Killer firecracker pickles.

Intense cheese.  The fresh ricotta is some of the best I have ever had.

Really good olive oils and vinegars from California.  Excellent balsamic.

Over to Tauk Coffee for a mid-morning fix.  Serving up my fave, Gimme Coffee. Directly across the street from South Edison.

A peek in Jonis.

Checked out Tauk, an eclectic shop across the street from the movie theater. 


Over to Hideaway to check it out.  Kitchen wasn't open yet. 

Next stop, Crow's Nest which looks better each time I stop by.  The menu is mouth watering.  This picture of Yoko and John which I would have stolen off the wall if Jeff wasn't watching!

Back to Hideaway for lunch.  Fish and shrimp tacos.  The fish are better.

Felt like a short vacation.  I do love Montauk.