matt satz, art

Large piece
I met Matt about 11 years ago when he came over to our house to hang a painting.  Feigning that he knew what he was doing and our friend hired him for the job.  The good news is just as the painting fell to the ground, two people were standing underneath him and caught it.  The other good news is I went to his studio to see what he really does, art. 

We own a few pieces of his work and it is wonderful to see his work continue to grow in different directions.  His only issue is that he has never wanted to deal with the gallery world to get his work into more collectors hands and have someone represent him.  Unfortunately, that is the way the art world works. After yesterday's visit, I hope a gallery will convince him otherwise.  His work is fantastic and in over 110 collections.  The pictures don't do the work justice. 

His web site isn't up to date and is the dreaded flash but he is working on changing that in the very near future.