book party…and polynesian?

Last night I went to a book party for the new cookbook, The Comfort of Apples by Philip & Lauren Rubin.  Both graduates of the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City and owners of 2 Peas & A Pot, a catering company.  Not to mention that they are married and work together which is damn impressive.

The party was uptown on 57th Street.  Just of note, when I went to the downtown book party I wore jeans but last night I wore a dress.  Different crowds, different attire.  Funny enough I saw people at the uptown book party that I had no idea knew each other.  For a big town, it is very small.  Looking forward to reading the recipes.  

After the party, I had a little time to kill before going downtown and wandered into the new food halls at the Plaza.  There is something eerie about the Plaza.  I walked in the main entrance.  The place is huge and so empty, even in decor, that I felt like they were down-sizing to move.  Regardless I walked through the Oak Room and downstairs to the restaurant.  All the stores close at 7pm.  The restaurant was hopping.  I have to make my way back to see the stores.  I have heard only good things.

Grabbed a cab downtown to stop by the Eater party to launch the Hurricane Club.  Perfect setting for this restaurant…26th and Park Avenue South.  Out came the polynesian drinks.  All I could think of was the scorpion bowls at the Hong Kong in Cambridge where they served pu-pu platters and grain alcohol drinks.  I vaguely remember the entire room spinning there. 

Home to bed.

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