nyc lovefest

There truly is not a day that I don't walk outside and say to myself "i love this town".  For a big city, it is a very small town.  This past weekend was one those NYC weekends where even though we had no plans a million things happened.

Friday night the town was humming from Fashion Night Out.  It was great to walk around and peek into the stores and see the parties. Fred and I passed on the events and had dinner at I Sodi.  I have been back many times and always walk away happy.  Nice vibe, good food.

Saturday I took a yoga class with Fred.  I am pretty sure that I have not taken a yoga class in 5 years.  I used to do yoga 3-4 times a week many years ago but one day hit the wall.  We took the class in Tribeca a few blocks from the site of the World Trade Towers.  It was relatively calm except for the lunatic with a microphone.  After all, it was 9/11. 

Stopping by 11th Street cafe for a salad and a blueberry lemonade hit the spot.  Also checked out the two art galleries next door.  Jumped on the vespa to go home and take a nap.  Unfortunately Josh had something else in mind.  After a quick shower, we went down to Soho for some shopping.

After Josh and I helped keep the NY economy afloat, I met Fred and our friends at the Landmark Theater to see Animal Kingdom.  An indie movie that ranked 95% on Rotten Tomatoes that had got good reviews.  Incredibly well done film.  Disturbing and violent.  Crime family in Melbourne.  We all walked out with our mouths hanging.  Woah.  Not sure I'd recommend it.  It has certainly stayed with me but very dark.

Next stop, Il Buco.  Table was calling our name outside.  A downtown institution.  Pastas and appetizers there are quite good.  Nice wine list too.  We attempted to get into Pulino but forget about it. 

After dinner we walk over to the John Varvatos store on the Bowery where there was a private event taking place.  We see someone in line we know and before we know it we are at the event.  A concert where Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper and ZZ Top are playing.  I am at the front of the stage. 

We leave and walk all the home.  It is about 130am.  A day with no plans turns into an all out fantastic NY day. 

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