Room, Emma Donoghue

Images I have not done this in a while.  At around 815 I started reading Room.  I had already read about 20 pages the night before.  I started to read and read and read and before you know it I had finished the book.  It was midnight and I was exhausted but I couldn't put the book down.

A really original book.  We enter the book meeting Jack and his mother.  Jack is turning 5.  As the story unfolds we realize that Jack and his mother are being held in captivity in a small room.  His mother has tried to make life normal for Jack through stories, exercise, games, bedtime rituals, etc.  Jack only knows the confines of this room and his only human contact has been with his mother.  His mother on the other hand did have a life outside prior to being in the room.

The story is told through Jack's perspective.  Ma realizes that they must get out of that room and the story then sends the reader on a page-turning rocket ship. 

I won't give the details but writing about new experiences that we take for granted through the eyes of a five year old boy are magical.  A wonderful book that I am glad that I was able to read in one sitting.