what to do with 27 lbs of tomatoes?

My friend really wanted to make tomato sauce and can it.  Somehow or other I got that into my head.  She couldn't make the party but I was determined to forge ahead.  And so, I did. 

27 lbs of tomatoes (Italian tomatoes)

3 Tbsp. hot crushed red peppers

3 Tbsp. sugar

8 large shallots ( sliced and chopped)

olive oil

salt and pepper

20 basil leaves

Boil the tomatoes for about 15 minutes.  Strain.  Using a food mill over a huge bowl run the tomatoes through it taking away the core and skin.  You will get just juice.  I keep the chopped part of the tomato after in another bowl and just pick through it to make sure there isn't any skin or bad pieces and use it in the sauce.  Makes it more chunky.

In a large stock pot, cover the bottom with olive oil (not too much) and saute the crushed red peppers and shallots until soft over a low heat.  Add the juice, the chopped part of the tomatoes and the basil leaves.  Add in the sugar.  Stir.  Add in the salt and pepper for taste.  Bring to boil and then down to low and let stand on the stove for an hour and a half.

Then pour into the jars and seal.  What is amazing that for 27 lbs of tomatoes, all that came out was 7 large jars of tomato sauce.  Maybe another go at it tomorrow?