weekend in wesleyan

this past weekend was parent's weekend at wesleyan.  we went up to see jessica and emily joined in the fun.  josh chose to stay in the city and do his thing.  it was a perfect fall day. we sat out on the hill and had a picnic with jess and her friends including friends parents.  it was really nice.  people came and people went.  i got to do one of my favorite activities which is feed the troops. 

we took a stroll down to the water front. 

this picture kind of defines middletown.

a really nice day.  knowing that emily is about to be the next to make the leap to college is kinda of bittersweet.  josh will be the last at home holding down the fort.  i love watching them grow but there is that very tiny part of me that still pines for the days when they would just crawl up into my lap and cuddle.