20 X 200

Images The art world is changing.  Less galleries and plenty of artists using the same model that has been used for lack of a better word, forever.  Over the last couple of years there has been lots of conversation about some type of model online and what exactly would it look like.  Will collectors buy online?  After all, shouldn't everybody be able to collect art? 

Art prices can range from $20 – $20,000 -$2 million.  Like anything, developing your own personal eye happens over time.  As a collector, I am not so sure I'd buy an expensive original piece online but I love the concept of buying exclusive pieces that are created for a specific site by a an artist I know or even an artist that I can learn about that my eye is drawn to. 

I had lunch with Jen Bekman today who has truly been a trail blazer in this arena.  She opened a gallery after leaving the tech world.  She saw how much time and energy her friend, an artist, put into a show and saw little results.  She figured she could change that and so she did as she always has, she rolled up her sleeves and decided to open a gallery.  But with her tech knowledge and saavy business sense, she began 20 X 200

Not only has Jen created a growing business she has created a community of artists and collectors.  If you haven't been on her site, check it out.  Guarantee you are going to be hearing more and more about 20 X 200.