jordan to israel

I am going to make this short and sweet because the journey was long and arduous. 

We left Petra this morning and drove over to the Hussein Bridge which sits on the border between Jordan and Israel.  Driving over the mountains was a white knuckle drive.  Their road basically fits one car and is only paved in a few locations.  The dramatic landscape is worthwhile especially the picture above where the volcanic ash meets with the limestone.  It took us not only longer than we wanted to get there seeing camels and bedoins on the way but going through the border patrol was torture.  Not sure I'd recommend going that route.  Nobody was interesting in stamping the passports with any sense of urgency.  You literally go through 4 separate areas checking the passports before they let you to the other side and that is only once you get to the border patrol in Israel.  Won't bore anyone with the patrol on the Jordan side.  Were we on edge?  For sure.

As Jessica put it, it only took us 4 hours (through customs and such) instead of 40 years to get to the Promised Land.  Not so sure any of us have been this happy to get to a new country in our lives.  The driver who met us on the other side was just classic.  We finally get through with our luggage and he looks and says "Wilson family?"  I said "yeah".  He says "thank god..let's go".  Classic. 

We are here, we are happy and seeing Egypt and Jordan before we got to Israeli will put a different persepctive on how we view Israeli.  Next time, we fly in to Israel.