national brownie day

There is something hilarious in the fact that someone or some lobbyist actually figured out a way to get Congress to pass something called National Brownie Day.  Or maybe it is just one of those things that became and people in the food industry are all over it.  Whatever it is, having a brownie today couldn’t be such a bad idea or a way to celebrate. 

Here is one way that some people might consider celebrating.  Whip up some homemade brownies.  This particular recipe is one of my favorites.  Or you could buy some brownies from Greyston Bakery to celebrate.   Do something good for yourself while doing something good for others.  Or you could do something completely decadent, that is if you have the illegal substance to add to this particular box, make pot brownies.

At the Pot Brownie store you can buy either a t-shirt or a Amsterdam Bakery Pot Brownie Mix.  Just found the whole store, very funny.  I guess you can find anything on the web.

Whatever you choose…enjoy the day and the easy rationalization that you can and should eat brownies today as it is National Brownie Day  Happy Brownie Day.