Manta Ray, Tel Aviv

I am back in NYC but am going to post the final meal from Tel Aviv where we ate at Manta Ray.  Here is what is great about Manta Ray, the location.  Literally located on the beach where you can hear the waves lapping on the shore.  The food is good but not so great.  They are open for breakfast which is what I'd go for.  Sitting in the restaurant with the breezes of the ocean flowing through the tables while sipping on a cup of coffee is probably the best way to go at Manta Ray.

The first course we picked a few salads from the many that are offered.  The ones we picked were good but the one outstanding dish was the eggplant which had been roasted and served with some yogurt on the side. 

I had a pot of seafood.  Nice presentation and good. 

Fred had the shrimp and calamari.

Em went with a shrimp dish.

Jess and Josh had the calamari.  I particularly liked the thin sweet potato chips on top which I managed to finish consuming for Jessica after a few glasses of wine.

Bottom line, it was time to go back to NYC.  Spending every night together for dinner when everyone is for lack of a better world, an adult, can be tough.  I am shocked that we found things to talk about every night.  I can see these trips inevitably changing over the next couple of years.  I'd be thrilled if all the kids brought along a friend, a boyfriend or a girlfriend.  We could continue traveling and spending time together at least for an extended time period once a year.  We will see where the wind blows next year.