ski, board, sleep, eat and read

We are all in the mode.  Nothing like a ski trip to get everyone in relaxation mode.  The schedule pretty remains the same each year.  Get up at around 8am, have breakfast, hit the slopes, have lunch, hit the slopes again, come home, hit the hot tub, catch up on email, play some cards perhaps, chill, read and then out for dinner and back to the room for a little more chill and then bed.  It works for us.

Today we all ventured out to the Highlands.  A bit of a white out this morning but the skys opened up in the afternoon and left serious snow.  We hit up Cloud 9 for lunch.  Classic place.  We didn't send in our raclette order 24 hours in advance so we opted for fondue.

Had a hot chocolate before we hit the slopes again.  The conditions were prime.

Home for a chill and we will do it all again tomorrow.