Sleep No More, Interactive theater in Chelsea

I went to an event at The McKittrick Hotel this week for the latest production put on by Punchdrunk Theater called Sleep No More.  Not so sure that this kind of thing is for me but I will say it is interesting, brilliant and totally different all rolled up into one. 

It is interactive theater.  Think of a haunted house with Macbeth being acted throughout the house although you probably wouldn't realize it was Macbeth unless someone told you. At least I wouldn't of.

You walk into a very dark place and you are given a mask.  A mask must be worn at all times.  Then you are to wander through out the five floors.  Conceptually the idea is to follow one of the actors as they interact with the space and the other actors.  I admit, I did not do that.  I just wandered in as many rooms as possible including closets just to see what was there. 

The set design is incredible.  Apothecary shops, graveyards, childrens clothing hanging off the ceiling, blood stained beds, naked actors, lots of smoke and low lights, offices, bedrooms, etc.  Just wild.  At the end you find yourself at the bar where they are now serving punch ( liquor license coming ) with quite an amazing jazz band.  Not so sure people should be drinking and strolling here.

Bottom line, not for me but if it is your kind of thing, don't miss it.  BTW, picture above is a no-no but I couldn't help myself. 

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