Tulum, last day

We went back to the yoga place on the beach this morning.  I honestly can’t believe I have done yoga three days in a row.  I don’t like it but I do like how I feel afterwards.

After yoga, we went over to Posada Marguerita for a coffee and breakfast.  We got there too late for breakfast but we did get some delicious iced cappuccinos. 

Beach at amasada
Have to stay consistent here.  Back to the house for the killer nap on the beach.  We all decided we should return to Amansala for lunch again.  Nice call.  That place really has the best food and a beautiful beach. 

After lunch we needed to get some more cash.  Keep that in mind.  Although there are really no ATM machines in the area where you stay none of the restaurants take credit cards.  Have a lot of cash. 

We thought we would go to Zebra for a sugarcane mojitas and watch the sunset.  Supposedly they are known for them.  A few things.  Their credit card machine wasn’t working although funny enough it is a hotel so you would think they could figure that out.  After negotiations, we got them to let us give them a card so it actually did work.  But low and behold, they didn’t have any sugarcane today.  We bagged the whole thing and went for dinner but did capture a nice picture of Fred and me.

Posada Marquerita is just adorable.  The hotel/restaurant has been in Tulum for 11 years.  Ali, who built the place, has created a really sweet spot. This is a pic from the morning.  What is amazing is that 11 years ago he bought the land and build the entire hotel for $250K. 

We sat in one area and had drinks before we went to our table for dinner.  They brought us over a mixture of things to whet our appetite.

They serve Italian here.  Lobster pasta which is enormous and could be shared for two.  They don’t serve first courses so maybe that is why the main course is so large.  It was good not great.

I had the fish cooked in sea water.  Again, nothing great. 

Josh had the lasagna which was the best thing I tasted that evening.  Rich and gooey. 

Ali brought us a mixture of tiramisu, chocolate mousse and gelatos

Josh and I went down to the beach for a little bit before dessert. 

Casa chic
Back home and home to NYC in the morning.  Good-bye Casa Chic.  Tulum…I might be back.