Jewelry making with Shapeways

I got an email this week from Goncalo Campos.  He sent me a bunch of pictures of the jewelry he is creating through Shapeways. 

Shapeways is a personal fabrication service using 3D printers to create products for you.  In full disclosure, Shapeways is also a Union Square Ventures investment. USV is my husbands VC firm. 

Goncalo is an artist.  After working in England, France and Italy he now lives in Portugal where he is building a small studio to concentrate on his work.  His first love was furniture but through Shapeways, his world has completely opened up. You can upload any model and then they print it for you in the material specified.  The prices are great and they are included in shipping so there are no surprises.  Love that. 

As Gancalo put it, with Shapeways the rules have changed.  He can have a shop on their site that allows him to ship cheaper and faster because it is coming directly from the manufacturer.  It is a new way of production that is allowing him to experiment with new fabrications.  Also, there is no inventory which is perfect for an artist or anyone. 

Gancalo is 25.  He is the next generation of artists using a brand new tool through Shapeways that will help artists like Gancalo expand his mind in a completely different direction.  Check it out.  The possibilities are endless. 

Here is what Gancalo wrote to me…
These are objects to represent the marvels of cutting edge technology and the possibilities it unveils. When worn they incorporate both, the contrast and harmony, of the human being and technology.


Here is an article written by Nick Bilton of the NYTimes about Shapeways today.