Letter to Leonard Cohen

21aMtqvzbBL._SL500_AA300_ I never got into poetry.  It isn't that I don't like it but was never turned on to it. 

Emily had a teacher in third grade who loved poetry and it was definitely a decent portion of their curriculum that year. I remember thinking how cool it was that she was into poetry and teaching her students a love that I never found.

My friend, Nancy Hechinger, who continues to impress me is not only a woman of endless talents and smarts she is also a poet.  We went to her book party last night and unfortunately left before she read her poems because we had an event in Brooklyn. 

While relaxing early Friday evening before going out I read Nancys book, A Letter to Leonard Cohen.  I loved it.  Her poems are funny insightful and modern. The book of poems isn't long but a worthy read. I plan on rereading the poems again this week. 

A completely different form of literature that I rarely partake in.  These poems pack a powerful punch.