Amber Waves Farm, CSA

I got an email from Amber Waves Farm in Amagansett a few months ago announcing the CSA this summer.  I took me less than a minute to jump on the wagon.  I love it! 

We picked up our first basket today.  That basket is the one we will use all summer long.  Pick up is on Fridays.  They have been very busy this past winter partnering with the Amagansett Sixth graders to learn about farming and community service.  Together they have harvested 150 lbs of produce for the Spring Farms pantry.  Very cool. 

With the weekly pick-up we also get a recipe which is a smart idea.  This weeks pick up consisted of Red Russian Kale, Tuscan Kale, Summertime Lettuces, Easter Egg Radishes and Cinncinatti Market Radishes, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Italian Parsley, Garlic Scapes and 2 baguettes.  I also bought a dozen fresh eggs as they have a slew of chickens. 

I am really excited to get my weekly basket.  Just as an added bonus, I roped Josh up to grab a friend and work the farm for a few weeks in August.  After coming with me today to pick up the goods, I think he is actually looking foward to it!