Hugh Kepets

Still life3
I have known Hugh Kepets for possibly 40 years but I had never met him until this past week.  Hugh is a very good friend of a woman who has been part of my life since I was born.  She was my Mom's best friend since they were about 8.  So although I have heard about Hugh through the years, we never met. 

Hugh is an artist whose career started in the 70's.  He was represented by a few galleries in the day and his work has been collected by not only personal collectors but the MOMA, Brandeis University, Chase, New York Public Library and Cleveland Museum of Art just to name a few. 

Like all artists, their work is always evolving.  As much as an artist is passionate about their work and the process, having it in the right hands and in a variety of different walls around the world is affirming. 

A few years back Hugh started making prints which are very different from work he had done in the HughKepets2 past.  His prints are digitally created but with layers of designs put on top each other to create the look.  Some of them are still lifes and others are more architectual. 

I believe his work would do extremely well at places like Artsicle or possibly 20X200.  His work in the 70's was expensive paintings and now with his new artistic outlet which is print, he can sell these pieces for a relatively low cost. 

It was great finally meeting Hugh face to face.  Trying to think of the right spot where he can show and sell it work.  Any ideas…send them my way.