Locande Verde

Yesterday was a big day.  Our middle daughter graduated from HS.  We are going through the time period of our children being full fledged teenager/young adults basically operating on their own.  Yet the kids are entering adulthood and yesterday closed one chapter in Emily's life and moved her into the next.  That is big. 

Of course, celebrations are in order and we had dinner at Locande Verde.  They have a bunch of large tables in the back which works well.  Also the menu is geared towards communal sharing which is another bonus.  I have been to Locande a variety of times for breakfast, lunch and only one other time for dinner.  The place was packed last night and the food has been consistent from the start.  There are a few things that are really good and a few things that are just ok.  I really think the best things on the menu are the appetizers and pasta.  These are all good for sharing too.

We started with the blue crab crostini.  Large helping of blue crab over a crostini that has been smothered with a tomato paste and then thinly sliced jalapeno on top.  A nice mixture of textures and tastes.  A win.

Fava beans are must at this time of the year.  A fava bean puree with hint ofmint and then whole fava beans sprinkled on top with shavings of pecorin over a prsocuitto bread.  This was really good and a good summer dish. 

Hamachi over a white caponata and meyer lemon.  I didn't love this combo.  There was too much sweet with the fish.  I would have preferred something more savory.

The last one the whipped Sheeps ricotta with sea salt and herbs.  This is a must for any table.  Toasted bread that is almost burnt with a creamy light ricotta loaded with fresh herbs.  So good.

White bolog
We split three pastas.  All delicious.  Thick green noodles with a white bolognese sauce.  This has been on the menu from the very beginning.  A house speciality and absolutely worth having.  A twist on a classic dish.

Tagliatelle with spring peas, slices of asparagus a hint of lemon and pecorino cheese.  An excellent summer pasta.  Light and full of flavor.  I love the spring peas.

Grandmother's ravioli.  The name alone sounds good, Grandmother's.  Ravioli stuffed with pulled pork and beef with a red sauce served over it.  Just good old fashioned yum.

For a main course I went with the grilled Branzino served over piece of roasted sunchokes and a salsa rossa.  It was ok.  Everything was cooked well, presented beautifully but it just didn't compare to the other things we tried.  Someone had the duck which I tried and it was really quite good.  Josh had the porchetta sandwich which he said was really good and I am sure it was because it fits the bill of what is being cooked in the kitchen.  The scallops with snap peas, chickpea paste, and pesto.  Again, good but not great.

Will I return, absolutely as I have many times.  But I just have to wrap my arms around going for the pasta by myself instead of going for the few bites when we share.  It is absolutely the way to go. 

A nice family celebration.  Fred, me and my sister walked over to the Ear Inn and had another drink and walked home.  Now, summer has began.