Donors Choose

I am seriously blown away by the overwhelming response and outpouring of donations to Fred and my 50 for 50 challenge for Donors Choose.   We thought it would take about 3 months but we hit the number in less than a month and even went over. There are few communities who could have pulled this off. 

A few things.  A big thank you to everyone who participated.  We will be having a meet-up on November 9th bewteen 6-8 in the USV event space.  The other thing is that what Donors Choose has created, the ability for individuals to give back to teachers across this country who are in need of more money to provide better education for their students from books, cameras, science projects, reading tablets, etc. is incredible.  They have filled a void in the market place that so badly need to be filled. 

In many ways, Donors Choose is a band-aid for the cash strapped Government who is not providing the right amount of capital to schools to fund the curriculum.  It makes all of us feel good to give back and make a difference in education but on the other hand it is crazy that the number one priority in this country isn't education.  To both Fred and I, education is number one.  If everyone could be educated, challenged and pushed to their highest level the benefits for society are endless. 

Bottom line, thank you to everyone and Donors Choose for creating such a unique company that is dedicated to providing a better eduation for everyone.