Fifty for Fifty with Donors Choose

Fred joined the board of Donors Choose a few years ago and I was thrilled to see him get involved with such an amazing organization.  Not only am I a huge fan of Charles Best who is the visionary behind Donors Choose, I adore the Chairperson, Peter Bloom. 

What I love about Donors Choose is simple.  They have made it possible for anyone to make a donation directly to the classroom.  Your choice, your location, your project, your thing.  We all know that the education system is in desperate need of change.  Donors Choose didn't set out to fix it the system but what they did set out to do was help by funneling direct donations to go into the hands of the teacher who in turn uses the money in his or her classroom to buy books, buy science equipment or take a special trip, etc.  No red tape. 

This year, Fred and I turn 50 (gasp!) and together we have curated a page that connects kids with their families and communities.  Something we feel very strongly about.  It isn't just about to the school system and teachers but families and communities need to be involved too in order for a kid to succeed. 

I will have a widget up on my blog that will be there for the month.  Please give.  It is really a wonderful organization and you can be sure that your donation is going directly to the cause you are supporting.