The September Magazines

Images-1 I did it. I read all the September issues of Vogue, Elle, Bazaar and a few more.  

As I am looking into Matchbookmag as a possible investment as I do believe that is the future of magazines I was particularly interested in the full on experience of the September tomes this year.  Here is where I came out…. extremely disappointed.  Each magazine was a little different from each other in content but none of the content was that interesting or cutting edge.   I did order a bunch of new books on Amazon that are coming out in September but I didn't need Elle or Vogue to tell me about them.  The photos are nice but not so incredible that I needed to take pause and see them in print.  All I really wanted to do was click on a few things and buy them.  Instead I got on line while reading the magazine and tried to find each item. As usual the items in the magazine aren't always on the designers site because most just have look-books and many items aren't available yet even though that is where the editorial says to find them.

If the site was live, with a click of a button, that could be checked before launching so when someone clicks thru they will see the item immediately and be able to purchase it.  I didn't buy a thing and no money exchanged hands thru click thrus but only by paying the drugstore the cost of the magazine.

At least in my September Food and Wine issue I learned about a few new products, a cool new restaurant in an area of the world that I rarely frequent and it gave me the impetuous to try a new recipe.  As for the fashion magazines, they left me empty. I would have been happy to finish my online magazine and wait for a bunch of packages arriving at my door in a few days after closing my iPad.   That is the future and I am looking forward to it. 

Alas, as I have been a magazine junkie all my life (25 years of September Vogues sitting in my cabinet) but I'm afraid I might have just made a hard pivot to the crop of new online mags coming down the pipe.  Unfortunately the old school guard doesn't get it online and my gut is their market share is eroding daily. 

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