Crane Crest salad dressing

This summer I was at our friends house for dinner and I loved the salad dressing.  These particular friends are the gurus of artisinal products across the globe.  If there is every a nuclear holocaust, I am going to head to their basement and buckle down.  Their basement is the garden of fantastic food.

The salad dressing is from a Crane Crest.  Talk about old school.  I looked up the phone number online and called them and left a very detailed message.  My name, my phone number and address and what I wanted to order which was the six pack. 

I never heard back from them.  About 5 days later this box shows up.

Inside the box was the six pack and a bill.  They asked me to send them a check.  I put the check in the mail, old school with a stamp (gasp!) and our transaction was over.  Complete trust. 

Great product, kind of like the old school concept.  Makes me feel like I am doing business at the general store.