talking about this generation

Images-1 The headlines these days aren't exactly positive.  There is an air of change on some continents yet an underlying fear of what comes next and then there are stagnant economies and frustrated citizens elsewhere.  If we look back and wonder how did we get here, there are a million reasons but as history has shown us we are ever evolving based on the need for change. 

Our world has become flat, for lack of a better word.  We are all connected and the internet has been the link.  Social media has changed the game.  The strength of the internet has changed the way we shop, the way we communicate, the way we connect with other like minded people across the globe.  It has always changed the way we have started to think about how our lives should connect in real time, face to face, within our local communities.

I look at my kids and the young entrepreneurs I meet as well as recent college graduates and I am incredibly bullish on this generation.  Many of them are focused on changing the world for better.  That means anything from disrupting education to building new products that will replace old ones to creating local restaurants that are smaller and more intimate for community, they are thinking about the environment and new technologies, they are rethinking the way we are going to live in the future.  I could go on and on but I like what I see.

What I see more than anything is the desire of this generation to find happiness and balance in their lives.  It isn't so much about making money but finding happiness in the field each of them choose.  There are ones that want to change the world with a non-profit that can be sustainable through their mission to embracing and changing volunteerism, there are others who want to build the next biggest media company but making sure there is a social cause connected to their mission.  I have met people who want to be cobblers, jewelry makers and chocolate makers too. 

Many of the kids appear to be more in tune with who they are.  Many see what is in the inside of each individual person not on the outside.  There will be many mixed marriages of this generation because they embrace everyone just as gays and lesbians are applauded for being able to marry because why shouldn't they.  We are becoming a true multi-racial world.  As social media is helping break down barriers in the Middle East, it is working at home too. 

So regardless of all distrubing news on the front page of the paper every day, I am very excited about this generation of kids.  I know that many of them are having a hard time finding a job but perhaps it will force many of them to be creative and become scrappy entrepreneurs because they have no choice but to be creative in their job pursuits. They seem to have looked at the world around them and are taking the good and tossing out the bad to create new communities, economies and environments.  The next ten years will be interesting to watch and I believe life changing. 

Perhaps I am too much of an optimist based on the political landscape but the one thing about America that keeps us coming back is the ability to create from within.  We are always trying to build a better mouse trap and in the end that is the key to our success.