back to Capetown

Jessica is going to school for the semester in Capetown and I wanted to return to Capetown and see the world through her eyes. Getting here is a major event. I believe all and all the total travel time was something like 18 hours and then of course there is the six hour time difference.  

What is wonderful about this short journey is that I am returning to Capetown where it is absolutely beautiful and I have done nothing but get on a plane and get here.  Jessica has planned everything from our activities to our meals.  Besides spending lots of one and one time with her which is a big bonus…the whole excursion is a serious treat.

The first thing we did was stop at one of her favorite lunch places, Manna Epicure. So cute. I had a black coffee and a yummy salad. Cranberry couscous with a lemon chicken salad on top. The couscous was so buttery and the dots of cranberry coulis around the side mixed in worked perfect.

Afterward we went to check in at the hotel. I am staying at the One and Only. My guess is they built this place for the World Cup last year. Really nice rooms with beautiful views of Table Mountain. After a little rest we headed down to Camps Bay for a glass of wine to watch the sunset before heading for dinner.

We had dinner last night at Aubergine. Wonderful food and a huge wine list. Having a car here is key. Jessica rented one for the semester and has been able to truly explore the city. There are guys at every street who watch your car for you and then you give them a few coins when you leave. Not sure how it works exactly but very entrepreneurial.  The restaurant is located behind a gate, which you buzz to get into in a small house.

We started off with something from the chef.  A cold asparagus soup with a dollop of goat cheese that sunk to the bottom.  Really creamy and rich.  

 I began with the oysters. Woah. Big, juicy and seriously briny. Just how I like them. I could have easily eaten a few dozen by myself.

White asparagus
Jessica had the white asparagus special. Tis the season. Pieces of white asparagus with pieces of peppered swordfish, parma with a light sauce.

To cleanse our palate they gave us a cold butternut squash sorbet.  Really different and quite interesting with the savory flavor in a sorbet.  

For dinner Jessica had a chowder of mussels with saffron and curry flavors.

I went for the ostrich. Lightly smoked and seared with smoked mozzarella, sliced artichokes and a gooseberry compote. Really different and good. Tastes like a lean piece of meat.

Dessert was not necessary but they did bring us a plate of goodies which is always a bonus.

Back to the hotel where I seriously crashed around 1030pm. Now I am on the time zone.