Sasabune Sushi

The sushi in Los Angeles is like no other.  You can get spoiled.  We flew in to Los Angeles, dropped off our bags at the hotel and drove over to Sasabune for dinner.  We went with the omikase as making a decision at that point was way over anyones bandwidth.

I don't remember everything we ate but here goes.  We began with tuna sashimi.

Yellowtail sashimi both drenched in a soy sauced based sauce.

Out came a variety of sushi.  This was two types of tuna.  One with sauce, one without.  They tell you that you can dip one of them in soy sauce and which one that is.

White fishes

Oysters two ways.  One with a mignonette sauce and the other roasted with an egg mixture on top.  Unbelievable.

White and orange salmon.  The sesame seeds really took the salmon to another level.

Two more fishes

Roasted butterfish with a rich sauce over the top.  Wow.  

Hamachi and tuna

Two rolls that were almost the size of handrolls.  Chopped fatty tuna was one and the other was California crab meat.  So good.

Josh and I topped off the meal with a piece of uni which I forgot to take a picture of.  Incredible.  We also had a few pieces of mochi too.  Mango, strawberry and green tea. 

Amazing meal, as always.