Venus in Fur

ImagesWe went to see Venus in Fur Saturday afternoon.  Thinking we will do more afternoon theater this year. I like it.  

The show is being put on by the Manhattan Theater Club.  The play is dark, funny and sexual all wrapped into one.  An budding actress shows up hours late to an audition to find herself alone with the playwright.  Eventually they act out the play over the course of the production as their interaction swings back and forth from the play to the present.  Both almost become the same. 

There was a recent article in the New Yorker about the young woman, Nina Arianda, who plays the main female character.  The article was about how what a gem Nina is and the talent that literally oozes out of her body.  I can confirm that article.  I felt like I was watching a star being born.  She not only has a killer body she is confident, funny, sexy and honestly just brilliant as an actor.  Hugh Dancy who plays the male lead is no slouch himself.

I didn't love the play as much as I was just wowed by the performances.  I am sure that years from now I will say that we saw Nina when she first came on Broadway.  This woman is going to be a star.